Events for 11/8/2022 - 11/13/2022

This week I'll be resting from the weekend in Gainesville and working on some maintenance tasks

I won't be at Market Wednesday this week as I tweak the new website and prepare for my weekend at Adam's Street Flea on Saturday from 12-3 and QueerTAC's Artist's and Maker's Market at 926 Bar from 11-3 on Sunday.

This past weekend, some of the dog keychains and the No Thoughts, Head Empty frog keychain have sold out, so a restock will be ordered soon. I will also be ordering more of the Kirby keychains as they've been going fast!

I hope y'all enjoy the new site! I previously used Square Online because it would fully pair with my Square point of sale systems. I used it as a band-aid to cover the issues I had with Squarespace's point of sale systems; beautiful online shopping, not so great POS integrations. Might make a fuller post about my ongoing issues with websites. For now, I went with shopify because of its smooth online interface both for customers and managers.

Holiday preppin' people! My sale for the year will be happening next week from the 13th to the 19th! November and December get super busy, and for limited items like keychains, it's best to get them early. As for commissions, I'll be accepting them until December 14th and possibly later for digital-only purchases.

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